The Fay Mountain Press is an independent micro publishing house.

Fay Mountain is interested in publishing the best authentic works by authors who write because they have a passion for literature and their subject matter. Our media is dominated by a very small group of organizations which in turn are dominated by an even more exclusive group of people.  Far too many good books are rejected and go unnoticed because they do not have the publishers immediate profit motive in mind.  We are an alternative to the mainstream and would like to recognize books that are generated by ordinary people themselves.  We are interested in works which have the potential to illustrate and enhance the human experience.  At Fay Mountain, it doesn’t matter who you are as an author what matters is what you have to say.  Most of our media is driven by those who already have a significant author platform.  We are a place for authors to get their works out there.    

We feel that books and literature have unlimited potential to improve our shared experience here on planet earth. It shouldn’t cost thousands of dollars to get a book in print nor should the whims of the prevailing retail market drive the contents of a work of literature. We want to publish grassroots, powerful books that serve to instruct us about our own selves, improve our relationships, share new ways to do things, and just simply how to be better at being human. Our mission is to go back to the true essence of literature – the raw and uncut yet clear and understandable. A paradox if you will, but a paradox that can be understood as our material prosperity has increasing given way to an uneasy age of anxiety. An age fueled by rampant self-interest, greed and a self-destructive winner take all ethos. We believe that authentic, independent books are in part the true antidote to our self-inflicted malaise

The Fay Mountain Press is my publishing imprint and will provide an ISBN (International Standard Book Number) and a barcode. We can take care of registering your work with the Library of Congress, and registering your work with the US Copyright Office.  Using readily available web tools, Fay Mountain will arrange to have your book printed and to get it listed on both as a print book and an as an Ebook.  If desired, we will work with you to get your book into bookstores and to get it available by other retailers.  We are just getting started and will be accepting submissions within the next coming months.  Stay tuned!  Check us out at